Finca Collado Syrah+Monastrell is a young red wine from Syrah but with a small contribution from barrel aged Monastrell (15%). It is a cheerful wine for sharing with friends and for non-compromise meals where the priority is to drink a nice wine with a short ageing.

It is a wine that has the youthfulness found in Syrah with the necessary touch of wood and the Monastrell, more mature and with a longer aging. This makes it a lively and tasty wine, ideal for any type of consumer. It is always marketed from the year following the harvest, to reach its maximum splendour at two-three years from the date of harvest, depending on the vintage.

GRAPE: 85% Syrah 15% Monastrell

VINEYARD: Young Syrah vines from the Vinapolo valleys on sandy, high density planted plots, with support irrigation from groundwater. Old Monastrell strains in goblet of more than 40 years age near the Salinas Lagoon managed with traditional viticulture and minimizing treatments in the vineyards  to ecological standards.

VINTAGE: 2018 was a year with abundant winter rain and a vegetative period of lower temperatures, with late maturity. This has given us a wine which is balanced with fine, elegant aromas.

ELABORATION: In September 2018, the grapes were macerated for 5 days at 22ºC temperature. After the fermentation was completed, the Syrah was in storage tanks on its lees until malolactic fermentation was finished  and the Monastrell was aged in barrels for 6 months. After this time, this was                                      blended with the Syrah for 1 month in used barrels.

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: Alcoholic strength: 13,5%vol. Total acidity: 5,3 g/L. pH: 3,5. Residual sugar: 1,5 g/l. Total sulphur: 80 mg/l. Total Polyphenols ,58.

CERTIFICATION: Certified by the Alicante Protected Designation of Origin Regulatory Board.
No BOTTLES: 15,863 bottles of 75 cl, 540 magnums of 150 cl

Finca Collado Syrah+Monastrell is a wine where you will find an honest Syrah on the nose, almost without nuances.  At the same time, it is a wine where   the variety of techniques used, and the                       characteristics of the Monastrell, are shown.

VISUAL: It has very attractive colour, with medium intensity and a tonality with violet hues that remain for some time.


NOSE: On the nose it is fruit, mature fruit, only Syrah, with a slight note of fine unroasted coffee and vanilla touches from the short passage in barrel.

MOUTH: In the mouth, it has a very tasty and at the same time light entry. With a strong and honest pass, it has a finish with moderate acidity and highlights the mature red fruit mixed with a spicy touch and a little tobacco, provided by the Monastrell.


BOTTLE: 75 CL New Burgundy Vidrala, moss color. Dimensions: 300x80mm. Weight (full): 1250 g.

 CORK: Espadan Corks natural 44x24mm.

CAPSULE: 65x30mm MM. complex Canals.

LABEL: 100x230mm on Manter Tintoretto Gesso Ultra WS paper. Pep Gramage design. Etygraf manufacturing.

BOX: Box of 6 decked bottles with separator in Kraft cardboard, manufactured by Cartotecnica Vallduxense. Dimensions: 325x230x160. Weight (full): 7,5 Kg.

PALLETIZING: European pallet (1200×800) of 100 boxes. 10 boxes per level 10 levels. Weight: 750 Kg. American pallet (1200×1000) to 120 boxes. 15 boxes per level , 8 levels. Weight: 900 Kg.