Finca Collado Chardonnay Moscatell is a refreshing and pleasant white wine, aromatic and dry at the same time, and with a considerable volume in mouth. These characteristics make it a wine that can be enjoyed both in summer and winter, by the glass or drink with food and for all types of consumers.

Its combination of varieties results in a complex wine in aroma, at first the Moscatel predominates but is well balanced with the Chardonnay, and giving way with time to the aromas of ageing and very fruity in the mouth. It has a long life, up to three years from the harvest date, although the optimal consumption is between one and two years after the harvest date.

GRAPE 65% Chardonnay 35% Moscatel

VINEYARD: Chardonnay and Moscatel vines over 30 years old located in Finca Collado. On sandy and calcareous ground of white chalky loam at the very extreme, on a hillside and at a height of about 600 meters. Trellis system and low density planting, managed with traditional viticulture and minimizing treatments of the vine to ecological standards. A controlled foliar mass and a low yield production, along with the breezes that bathe the hillside allow us a sustainable cultivation.

VINTAGE: 2022 was a cool year for our climate, so there was a late harvest and slow ripening, a combination which makes the wine extremely clean with elegant aromas. It is without doubt one of the best Finca Collado Chardonnay +Moscatel.

VINIFICATION: Hand-picked in early September, fermented for 15 days at 15ºC temperature. Toward the end of fermentation, the Chardonnay was put in barrels where it aged with its lees for six months. After this time, it was blended with the Moscatel and bottled in March 2019.

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: Alcoholic strength: 12,5%vol. Total acidity: 6,9 g/L. pH: 3,2. Residual sugar: 0,2 g/l. Total sulphur: 95 mg/l.
DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Certified by the Alicante Protected Designation of Origin Regulatory Board.

WINEMAKER Joan Guia.                                                                                                                                       NUMBER OF BOTTLES: 15533 bottles (75cl) 270 Magnums.

Finca Collado Chardonnay Moscatel is a wine where Chardonnay, Moscatel and wood blend equally and where none of its features stands out above the others: It is fresh, complex and balanced.

VISUAL: It has a pale gold color, with a youthful hue but a delicate feeling.

NOSE: Tropical aromas blend with the floral notes, with memories of honey and citrus, and with the                  fine presence of the little newly toasted wood.

MOUTH: Gentle, pleasant entry and a silky path, with the acidity needed to give that feeling of freshness. This balance in mouth gives way to a long finish where the aromas of ageing mixed with tropical fruit stand out.

BOTTLE: 75 CL New Burgundy Vidrala, moss colour. Dimensions: 300x80mm. Weight (full): 1250 g.

CORK: Espadan Corks natural 44x24mm.

CAPSULE:  Complex 65x30mm MM. Canals.

LABEL: 100x230mm on Manter Tintoretto Gesso Ultra WS paper. Pep Gramage design. Etygraf manufacturing.

BOX: Box of 6 decked bottles with Kraft cardboard separator, manufactured by Cartotecnica Vallduxense. Dimensions: 325x230x160. Weight (full): 7,5 Kg.

PALLETIZING: European pallet (1200×800) of 100 boxes. 10 boxes per level 10 levels. Weight: 750 Kg. American pallet (1200×1000) to 120 boxes. 15 boxes per level 8 levels Weight: 900 Kg.


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