The guardian of the fields, it was
the most important white variety
of the Vinalopó Valley. It owes
its name to its great resistance
to drought and to the aridity of
the soil.
With Messeguera we want to
vindicate a historical variety
with enormous potential but
largely unknown. At Finca Collado
we believe that it deserves a
deeper study and a greater
dedication, to be understood in
order to give it the opportunity
to offer us great wines like this
An expressive yet elegant wine, a
pleasant yet complex wine, a
gastronomic wine to accompany a
good meal, a wine to think about
and enjoy.
It is released to the market with
two years of difference between
its sale and its harvest year. Its
optimal moment of consumption
varies between two and five years
after the harvest.

GRAPE: 100% Bobal
VINEYARD: Old vines over 40
years old from a single vineyard
of 1 hectare located in the
municipality of Biar. The soil
is sandy loam, stony and
VINTAGE: In 2020, the grapes
ripened slowly, with fairly
moderate temperatures at the end
of the summer, which allowed us
to harvest the grapes at their
optimum ripeness.
ELABORATION: Harvested by hand
at the end of September 2020.
Cold pre-maceration with their
skins for 10 days using dry ice.
Start of fermentation with wild
yeast foot of vat. Aged for 9
months in 700 litre barrels.
strength: 12% vol. Total
acidity: 5,64 g/L. pH: 3,25.
Residual sugar: 0,47 g/l. Total
sulphur: 114 mg/l.
CERTIFICATION: Certified by the
Alicante Designated Protection
of Origin Regulatory Board.
No. BOTTLES: 2.285 bottles of 75

Va de Bo is the expression of the Bobal
grape from Alto Vinalopó, fresh, with
personality and elegant at the same time.
VISUAL: Ruby colour, bright, low-medium
NOSE: In the nose, the fruity and fresh
nuances characteristic of the variety stand
out, with spicy, roasted notes and a hint of
MOUTH: A characteristic freshness and creamy
texture in balance with docile and round
tannins that accompany the long passage in
the mouth, Va de Bo does not leave the
palate indifferent..

BOTTLE: 75 CL Burgundian Liberty
Leggera High Vetreria Etrusca colour
dark green. Dimensions 316×82 mm.
Weight (full): 1400 g.
CORK: Espadan Corks Extra Natural
49x24mm. Certificate of origin from
the Sierra de Espadán natural park.
CAPSULE: 65x30mm MM. complex Canals.
LABEL: 100x230mm on Manter Cotonne
Bianco Ultra WS paper. Pep Gramage
design. Gráficas Tomelloso.
BOX: Box of 6 decked bottles with
separator in Kraft cardboard,
manufactured by Cartotecnica
Vallduxense. Dimensions: 325x230x160.
Weight (full): 8,5 Kg.
CASE: 1 bottle case in Kraft
cardboard. Dimensions: 320x85x170.
Weight (full): 1,5 Kg.
PALLETIZING: European pallet
(1200×800) of 100 boxes. 10 boxes per
level 10 levels Weight: 850 Kg.
American pallet (1200×1000) to 120